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Release Notes

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Exchange Valet v1.1.3

New Features:

- You can now place orders immediately instead of adding a pending order.

- In Additional Options and Speed Trade, your stop loss order size is now automatically adjusted after your take profit orders are triggered. For example: You set a trade for buying 100 NEO, you have 20 NEO in your take-profit order. When that take-profit order triggers, your stop-loss amount will become 100-20=80, so that you don't have to adjust stop-loss amount when TPs are triggered.

- You can now choose between opening charts in a new app window or in a browser window (change the setting in settings)

- Quickly set price to best bid/ask

- [POSTPONED TO NEXT UPDATE] Sorting orders by market name/total


- Positions section is improved. If the algorithm is not sure of a position, it will not display it. For example, this might happen when you traded the same coin with both BTC and USDT markets.

- Desktop & Mobile notifications are delivered significantly faster. So you can know that your order is placed right away when you use "Place order now".

- Maximum stop loss/take profit percentage is changed from 100 to 200.

- You need to use BNB to pay for fees on Binance, otherwise your orders will fail because of incorrect order amounts. We now notify you when an order you placed did not use BNB to pay for fees.

- When you set SL and TP orders at the same time(using Additional Options or Speed Trade), now your TP shows on top of the SL order in the table to avoid confusion.

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed “Buy with % of whole portfolio” for ETH and USDT markets.

- Binance positions websocket showing incorrect PNL.

- Balances table showed NaN for the coins that got removed from the exchange.

- Discord chat is fixed. You might need to download the app again for this fix.

Exchange Valet v1.1.2

New Features:

- Group pending orders by market name

- Email notifications

- Check BTC price quickly on top right corner

- USDT, ETH, USD(Bittrex) markets support

- See profits in USD

- See USD value of coin balances

- Hover over "Order Type" to see order details

- Interactive tutorials section added. You can follow guided tutorials to understand some features better

- You can now change order amount by editing order total


- Markets are now sorted by alphabetical order in market selection

- Exchange data request speed increased dramatically (getting closed orders, etc.)

- Exchange switcher is now easily accessable on the top right corner

- You can now remove the info messages from the top of the trade screen using the cross button to the right

Bug Fixes:

- We disabled markets like TUSD-USDT, USD-USDT before to avoid confusion. It is now enabled after some users requested it.

- Fixed white spaces on the sides when you make the app full screen.

- Fixed getting trapped in "Initialization Error" window when you switch the exchange but don't have API keys to initialize the new exchange.

- Fixed: Market order type was not easily clickable

- Fixed: Balances tab didn’t show the coin balance when you had an open order.

- USDT/ETH market profits in Telegram bot